Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Jurassic Coast

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When Ian and i decided to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and head to the beach, we didn't expect our day at the beach to become a walking extravaganza. 
Surrounded by beautiful red rock and what seemed like an endless beach, we walked for about two and a half hours. We had barely covered the entire Jurassic coast, but it was marvellous and one of those places that literally make you think wow, what a creation. 

Next time we visit we might just rent one of them colourful cubicles facing the beach, occupied mostly by cute old couples with their beach chairs and magazines. i love the southwest!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wreck this journal: the painful experience

it was painful, but it had to be done. note my cringing face.
and i accepted the loss. uh huh. 

favourite things from last week

IMG_1100 copyIMG_0749IMG_1071IMG_1096 copyIMG_0952IMG_0707 2IMG_1095 copy

Barry M shatter nail varnish {cheaper and better than katy perry's opi}
Spring's arrival
witnessing a herd of cows walking along country roads {cars had to wait while they made their way slowly}
Ian's yellow boat shoes
dianamini on the sand
happy dogs
porcelain owls
orange shoes & pink jeans
a cute little pebble ian picked up on the beach and gave to me {thanks, ian!}

Monday, 28 March 2011

So you mean King Arthur isn't real?

We stayed one night in the teeny tiny town of Tintagel, whose castle is associated with King Arthur and the knights of the round table. I was pretty much convinced that King Arthur was in fact a real person, until Ian burst my happy bubble and informed me that that is pretty much false...something i'm trying hard to forget because dragons and knights at round tables are too cool to be simply legend. 

Regardless, the town is So tiny, it took us a mere 20 minutes or so to explore. But we did find a small toy store/museum to spend some time in (:


So this was what i did most of the weekend..

Our little roadtrip to Cornwall was productive to say the least.
Rolling hills, fields of gold and secluded beaches? Pretty much the perfect weekend {even if we woke up at 7am every morning} I took about a gazillion photos {plus 2rolls of film} and i cannot wait to show you more!
 I don't think i'll ever forget how beautiful the SouthWest of England is, and i can't wait to explore more next week with Ian as part of my birthday celebration (: We're going riding!

Happy Monday, friends! How was YOUR weekend?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Happy Weekend!

We're off for the weekend to explore Cornwall (: And i'll be bringing this little one along for some serious bonding time.


Have a fantastic weekend and i'll see you back here monday! xo

Thursday, 24 March 2011

walk this way

although my poor suede shoes got a real beating from the combination of slushy sand and seawater, nothing felt better than holding the hand of the man i love and walking down a beautiful stretch of beach for what seemed like hours. Best feeling in the world (:

the one with the food- as promised

So no matter how much i've become accustomed to cold sandwiches and pasta here in the uk, nothing beats returning to Singapore and feasting on things i grew up with, plus the other 3082754 types of food available in my home country.
While in Singapore a few weeks ago, the lovely alyssa mentioned to me on twitter that 6 pages into my blog, she established that i really like food. (oh, the shame (;)

What can i say? It's true. I eat, full portions (no lady portions rubbish), i don't believe in dieting (exercise!) and i enjoy my food. It gets under my skin when i hear girls bitching about how little they should be eating and how food is evil. Newsflash, it's not. Food only becomes evil if you let it. And on that note i present to you a montage of iphone photos that aptly represent the amount of joy food brings me.

I've become an expert at hovering over my meals, although i agree that my expressions need some work. I take it all in before digging in, makes it so much better that way (; And even if i'm not hovering, i'm sharing the photo with food.
*All the credit goes to my eating buddy- Shaun, and his iphone for capturing me at my best moments.
enjoy. {and don't judge}
Now to all of you who are on a diet, GO OUT AND GRAB YOURSELVES A BURGER.
that is all (:

Image Hosted by
{ribs at chilli's}

Image Hosted by
{ikea meatballs}

Image Hosted by
{oyster omelette and chicken wings}

Image Hosted by
{durian dense cake}

Image Hosted by
{iced thai milk tea}

Image Hosted by
{free starbucks cake pops}

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
{chilli crabs}

Image Hosted by
{pepper crabs}

Image Hosted by
{seafood rolls}

Image Hosted by
{almond croissant, home-made oreos and latte at loysels toy}

Image Hosted by
{famous yong tau foo place that only opens for business at 12AM}

Image Hosted by
{french crepes}

Image Hosted by
{chicken rice}

Image Hosted by
{chinese vegetables}

Image Hosted by
{garrett's popcorn}

and now that i'm back to eating cold sandwiches and salads, at least i don't feel stuffed all the time!
happy thursday (:

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