Sunday, 18 December 2011

Favourite things- Instagram edition

So i've fallen into wonderful trap of technology. It might be super old news, but Instagram is wonderful (and convenient), and so is taking (relatively) decent photos with an iphone. And with life being as busy as it is, i'm thinking this might become a staple around here. So here's a mish-mash of random photos from my life of late. 

[christmas tree shopping]

[home-made gingerbread cookies: hand-stamped for good measure]

[bow + horsies]

[pink dinos]

[a little accessories corner i made in my room]

[confetti nails]

[baking- ninja style!]

[vintage books]


[a little affirmation (that) goes a long way]

[and a random photo of my fiance and i!]

Happy almost Christmas! The countdown begins.



Alyssa said...

i think i am behind the times as you are, i have had instagram forever - but it's only this week that i actually worked out you can follow people and see what they post!! whoops!! now hooked :)

still loving the bow and horsies!!!


Gemma Hayley said...

Awesome, i'm now following!

Rhianne said...

eee, I actually bought a bag with horses on it the other day and thought of you :) how odd.

Merry Christmas lovely Adele (and Ian) I meant to send you a card and a present but I've been completely unorganised, so I might email you the present instead (and perhaps a card haha)

I'll try and send you something in the new year though dont worry :)

much love xx

stephanie said...

I love seeing "my fiance and I" -- still can't believe you're getting MARRIED! :)

Mitha Komala said...

woah.. awesome and interesting pictures dear! i really adore the fourth and sixth picture, they are cool :D i love your blog <3

follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

Nikolett said...

That horsies shirt.
The ninja cookie cutters.
Those confetti nails.

WANT! haha, you have awesome things basically :) Hope you had an amazing Christmas with your fiance and a happy new year too!

Anonymous said...

babe,mind if i ask where you get the jars from? thanks

Adele said...

@anonymous Hi there, I got these from a vintage glasswear shop while in London (:

littlepaperplanes said...

Oh man... NOw i REALLY want an iphone. Where are the lovely apothecary jars from?

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