Monday, 2 May 2011

When friends come to visit

I've had the pleasure of hosting many of my friends who have visited london in the past year. It's always nice to reconnect with friends from home while playing tour guide. Plus it gives me a chance to re-visit places i wouldn't normally revisit on my own and eat things i wouldn't normally eat alone as well (:
Here are some of the highlights from last weekend!

{food- steak wraps, chicken curry, raspberry tarts, cupcakes etc}
{finding the giant, uncut version of my amethyst ring in the natural history museum}
{the perfect easter bunny story, complete with finger puppet}
{meeting superheros in the flesh}
{early morning pastry breakfasts}
{chilling out in hyde park while taking jumping photos}

i'm really looking forward to seeing Ian's parents in a couple of days time! They are flying all the way up here to go on a little adventure up north with us (: Scotland here we come!



nicole addison said...

1) how is one person so stinkin cute.
2) where did you get your amethyst ring?
3) love love love you!!
4) you make me smile:)

Alex said...

I am convinced that you are the best London [or any other place, for that matter] tour guide out there. Why? Because you manage to find the most delicious looking food I have ever seen. I'm going to need to eat all of these things when I'm there in December!

Summer Athena said...

I want to spend a weekend with you!

The Soul Anchor said...

Well aren't you just absolutely adorable? Looks like a fantastic weekend :-)

naturally nina said...

Gorgeous photos. Looks like so much fun.

the southern hostess said...

Isn't it the best when friends visit? Looks like a good time was had.

AelitaX said...

i love all those photos
and those foods look delicious :D

that kate said...

I love the gif of you! Wonderful hairstyle!

sécia said...

Great blog!

♥ sécia

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