Friday, 22 April 2011

sweet treat

so there was a time that i enjoyed a giant lavender macaron {with blueberries inside} all to myself.


and it was glorious. 
Now i'm going to have to return to whole foods to try out the other flavours. 
i have such a sweet tooth and sometimes i wonder what it would be like if desserts vanished from the face of the earth. I doubt i'd survive. 


AelitaX said...

I wanna try that :D

pixelhazard said...

noo don't talk like that. that macaron looks delicious

Bright Green Laces

Alex said...

AAHHH! I was about to be sad because I assumed this would be from some cute little place in England and I'd never be able to get one. Now that I know it's from
Whole Foods, all I have to do is drive down the street! Happy day!!

Alyssa said...

that could quite possibly be the greatest macaroon ever. wow.

nicole addison said...

ive never had a macaroon! i need to try one... this looks delicious:) love u lady! have a wonderful week.

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