Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Responding to awards!

I feel TERRIBLE for not being more on the ball when it comes to tags and awards and such. But today, today I resolve to become a little bit more participatory when it comes to these things (plus, now that I'm done with this semester I've got waaay too much time on my hands) (:

Thank you, the lovely Iva for bestowing upon me the honour of these two awards:

Now, for 10 honest things about me:

  1. There are moments when I still dislike my god-given high forehead. Thank God for bangs!
  2. Dead animals freak me out, I could start crying if I saw nasty road-kill/stuffed animals in museums (Ian assures me that the animals at the national history museum in London are in fact replicas, not stuffed...I'm still skeptical)
  3. I have a fake tooth! haha, it's a result of not having enough teeth naturally and having to implant one after braces (: pretty awesome, hey.
  4. My favourite cartoon as a kid was my little pony, and might very well still be my favourite cartoon today.
  5. I still play dress up in my room in order to pick out and create outfits
  6. The sound of utensils against one another or scratching against plates unnerves me.
  7. I used to tell people that my dad printed money for a living after my mom jokingly/sarcastically mentioned it. I was a kid then.
  8. I have an undying love for the lochness monster, and firmly believe that she-"nessie" does exist and will one day be found
  9. I know the lyrics to the entire les miserable soundtrack
  10. When I get REALLY angry I type out mean letters to whoever I am angry with, after which I proceed to delete the file. It's therapeutic!

So, now you know 10 more things about me (:

I tag everyone! (: (phew, that was easy! haha)

goodnight, world



nicole addison said...

ok, at camp we have a gigantic inflatable waterslide which my friend and i named nessie. this has spread over the last few years and everyone calls her nessie! haha if the waterslide breaks then the kids all walk around asking if "she's" ok!! it's great! haha but i loved your ten list of things! glad you're back also!

Brooke said...

I have a big forehead and am so grateful for bangs!! Thank you for your sweet comment about my home! :) I am still not finished and get inspiration everyday. Def. a work in progress.

Abby Quijano said...

hey that's cool a transplanted tooth :} i didn't even know they do that XD

and there is nothing wrong with your forehead! at least the pictures tell me so !

yay everyone is tagged.. i think im gonna do the same thing too :}

Iva said...

Big forehead? what are you talking about?! you silly rabbit! trix are for kids! I love all the new 10 things I have learned about you...especially your missing tooth :)

Carrie said...

My little pony rocks!

becks said...


josie(bean) said...

ooo i love the idea and sometimes do #10 as well, it IS totally therapeutic! and i will always love dressing up :)

Celeste said...

My Little Pony was my favorite show, too! I even had the little multi colored ponies to play with :)

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