Sunday, 28 June 2009

pretty sunday! (:

Who loves nandos?
We love nandos!

It's a ritual we have. Almost every sunday, the three of us (Ian, myself and Chris- Ian's friend of 16 years and our housemate) head down to nandos for lunch.
I had 5 wings and a salad today.

Next week marks my final sunday nandos meal for the rest of the summer, since I'll be on a plane home the following tuesday! eeeks.
What am I going to do without grilled chicken over the summer?!

But but most importantly..what am I going to do without Ian for the one month that I'm home before he comes back?!

Oh sigh, I guess we can go back to using skype!

Have a great sunday everyone (:



becks said...

I want nandos! My aunt makes some super good chicken here too. hahaha.. grilled ones, salt and pepper ones, soya sauce ones.. yums!

nicole addison said...

my dad and i just had some amazing chicken at a place called beef o'bradys for lunch :) very yummy. josh leaves soon for nyc so we can support each other without our boys! sigh. have a wonderful day love! xoox

Iva said...

Oh Dele,adorable , gorgeous Dele! I love wings! you are so beautiful. Lets have nachos together some about over Skype? :)

You two will be totally fine, not distance or time is too much for Dele and Ian!



Reginasaurus said...

I'm going through the same thing! I'm getting ready to spend a month back home without Will and I'm so sad! But we'll both make it through :)

Victoria said...

I <3 Nandos! yumm.x

Lily G. said...

There's no nandos here that I know of. I want to try it though, sounds good!

jasmine said...

one month?!?! i don't know if i could handle it! levi says i'd go crazy. hahah!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love Nandos! I can't believe they don't have it there! I thought they had pretty much franchised out everywhere. xx

Evey said...

Dele, buy the sauce back, that's what I do for godfrey. HAHA. Whenever I go anywhere there's nandos, he's so jealous. He's so desperate he wants to go to (dangerous) malaysia just to eat nandos.

emily said...

i've always wanted to be a regular at a restaurant and order "the usual" :)

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