Saturday, 6 June 2009

my precious

Having a super-geek for a boyfriend means I've watched the entire LOTR trilogy like at least 3 times. It's insane. We've had the same conversation over the course of several movie nights. Here's how it goes:

me: Love, what movie would you like to watch tonight?
Ian: I don't know, what do you feel like watching?
me: Not really in the mood for anything specific. *strokes aramis*
Ian: *flashes me a cheeky grin*, How about the LOTR?!
Adele: *helpless sigh* OKAY. why not, I guess.

I must warn you though, these videos you are about to watch may just totally ruin your impression of me, and cause me to fall dramatically down the coolness scale. It's a little snippet of the silly things Ian and I do for fun.

I swear I tried my very hardest, only to have my voice crack like a little boys who's just entering puberty. And because I've mentioned before that Ian makes the sickest impression of SMEAGOL /GOLLUM from the LOTR, here it is...
oh, and it's all dark because Ian's shy to show his face to the world, plus he needs to feel at ease in order to do it.

Untitled from Adele Lee on Vimeo.

and here's my lame attempt at doing the same thing. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the video after uploading it, so I apologise to your necks. (:

ian: gollum from Adele Lee on Vimeo.

Ian- 1, Adele- 0.

ps: Today was orginally set aside for some girlfriend time in town, but then it started pouring so now I'm stuck at home having snickers ice cream and watching videos on youtube. Our shopping date has taken a rain-check! (haha, pun totally intended)

have a great (hopefully rain-less) weekend! (:

pps: Blog project launch tonight.



Iva said...

rushing out the door.... I shall be back though to read this this post.....and OH PROJECT LAUNCH!!! I can not WAIT!!! :)

<3 you ADELE!!!

Shelley said...

hahaha! Your video was cute! Oh and by the way I can think of way geekier movies than LOTR!

shelliebellie said...

haha thats great! your videos. I agree with shelley they are way geekier movies. like startreck!!! lol or star wars! lol. but my ex had like worn out his disks he watched it so much.

jasmine said...

hahahaha! oh, i'm so happy you know how to be a nerdy girl too. it's the most fun! :) these are great!

nicole addison said...

haha you guys are so cute, you gave me courage to post some of mine and josh's retarted videos ive been storing away :)

Sam said...

Uh ohhh, delly welly I think you shld just stick to being the Singaporean Blair Wardolf (my friends still swoon over your immaculate beauty btw.. Ego boost for you! PS you can shove it to my bro's face toooo) instead of trying to be some odd fictional bald wrinkled Smeagle :/ And yes I'm very petrified whenever Ian does that impersonation... Very perturbing (still love you Kor :))

TAKE CAREEEE I MISS YOU BOTH VERY MUCH (please pass this msg to him thank you!)

Abby Quijano said...

hahhaa i like this one! i can never sound like that ! O_O i would just probably kill it if i tried !

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