Monday, 22 June 2009


I like that word, I really do.

And I think for the first time I'll say this of my relationship:

Ian & I, we are cemented.

Only God knows where he'll take us, and as of now, we are committed to loving one another the best way possible. It's scary seeing how couples around us are breaking up, I for one get really affected when I know of a friend who's starting all over again. But Ian always reminds me that that's not us, and how I need to stay in the present and remember what's REAL. I tend to become overly-emotional when these things happen, overly fearful of what might happen to us in the future, paranoid over the things I have no control over. As of now, I have Ian's full devotion, and that in enough.

And if there's one thing I do know, it's that I have ONE constant thing in my life, and no, it isn't Ian.

I strive to always, always love Jesus MORE than I love any man in my life.
It's not an easy feat, but I try.

Thank you for bothering to hear me out.
I just needed somewhere to write what was in my head (:


Be one with the Fro said...

awwww this is beautiful. cemented is a great word. i feel ya. sometimes it's not easy to love jesus more than any man, but it is definitely possible. and absolutely worth it.

i wish you and ian all the best.


Ali said...

Oh Adele, ALWAYS here to listen!

Lily G. said...

You and Ian sound strong, so hang in there. You deserve the best!

nicole addison said...

wow. have i mentioned you are such an inspiration? it's been amazing to find your blog and find someone devoted to Jesus. i love that we can swap stories about church camp when we were little ;) you're right tho about you and ian. right now your devotion and love is what matters. what's in the future is out of both of your control, however i'm pretty sure God wouldnt have given you such a strong bond if it werent for the long haul. i'm just waiting for that little post that has a picture of a pretty diamond ring. i would probably scream out in excitment for you :) <3 you!

jambam said...

Wow, your blog is amazing.
I've never been religious but I may have found God about two weeks ago, I'm going to youth now!

Carrie said...

Oh Adele. This is beautiful. :)

It's natural to be afraid, but you're right in thinking that you should just stay in the present. The time you guys are spending together now is what is building that future, so soak it up and keep making it precious.

Best of luck for you both.

our little love nest said...

OOOOH I love this post! I really do believe God blesses relationships where both people put Him first! YOU will have the best of purposes, I am sure! xo

Shaun said...


Brooke said...


I gave you an award.
Look at my blog.

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