Saturday, 6 June 2009

Blog project launch!

As promised, this is my little getting to know you blog project.
I have formally titled it The things that make us, well, US.

I've wanted to do something special to commemorate how far Ian and I have come in our relationship for awhile now, and I thought that this would be the perfect way to do it. Plus it's funny to think how each and every individual in a couple is so different, yet in some strange way, when put works!

But it doesn't just stop there. Since this blog is a public platform for me to share snippets of my life with whoever interested, I would love to hear some of the things that make you and your partner, well, YOU AND YOUR PARTNER! I find that thinking about these things makes me alot more appreciative of the little things present in my relationship, plus getting to hear all of your wonderful love stories would definitely be an added bonus!

The key to this however, is to do it slowly, and thoughtfully..because you'll discover a myriad of things you never noticed before, plus it will be fantastic fun (:

So if you do wanna play, feel free to start your own series of this on your own blog (just remember to drop me an email/comment so I get to share in the fun!) or just share with me via comments/email. And if you don't have a blog, fret not! I'll be happy to loan you a space on mine to share snippets of your love story, just email me and I'll get it done (:

Also, I don't want to leave anybody out! To all those single and fabulous people out there, you can play too! The aim is, afterall, to get to know you (: The things that make you, well, you would be a great alternative to this project, and it'll also help you discover more about yourself..because afterall, we are COMPLEX human beings (:

phew, enough talking for now.
I present to you,

The things that make Ian & Adele, well, Ian & Adele: Episode #1


Ian is an English Literature undergraduate, while I'm doing a masters in marketing. Ian has always been known as the more pensive, serious one in our relationship. He loves poetry, philosophy, socialist theories and apologetics. He's a great writer, even though he insists that he only writes well when sad. One of my favourite pieces of writing was this one he did for me, and till today I tear up whenever I read it. I must warn you though that it's slightly depressing! haha (:

While Ian is pursuing a degree in the arts, I'm doing something a tad bit more "practical" as some would call it. My field of study will hopefully lead me to the business side of the fashion industry.

We often joke about how I might have to be the one bringing home the bacon in the future, while Ian sits in the comfort of our attic pouring his heart and soul into writing a ground-breaking piece of literary work that'll shake up the entire academic community. We laugh, but truth be told there is nothing I would want more than for him to do what he loves, and to be recognised for it.

As much as I am clueless about the works of darwin and whoever else Ian is studying, and how Ian is with my studies, we support one another fully in our respective pursuits. Because even though we don't know much about what the other person is studying, we respect one another for it.

“There are two sorts of affection - the love of a woman you respect, and the love for the woman you love”

- Arthur Wing Pinero

I'm one lucky girl because I think I've got both from Ian (:

That concludes the first episode of this fantastic series.
I hope this inspires you to start your own! (:
I'm looking forward to getting to know you, as well as your real life love stories

Adele & Ian


Iva said...

WOW!Adele! I really just don't know what to say to you. You are incredibly adorable. I keep using that word for you, I know that there are a thousand billion trillion gazillion better words out there and each would describe you to a T. You are so thoughtful, kind, too cute for words always ten steps ahead thinking of how to integrate us all together and be a part of your life! Thank you so much for that! I'd love to play along. Although I am not nearly as creative as you, I'll try and make you proud with my participation! :)

I truly HEART you! :)

(Ian is one very lucky man- although I am sure he already knows this)

evelyn said...

i loved it! :D this is going to be awesome and interesting to read your future posts of you guys :) aww. well i cant do that the same since i have no partner haha. But thats ok! anyways love your idea of this. :)

Lily G. said...

How cute! I should start one of these with my fiance! Thanks for the idea.

nicole addison said...

oh adele i'm so excited :) i'm definitely going to take part in this and maybe post them on my blog too, if you don't mind!? what a fabulous idea.. tonight josh and i heard a sermon about marriage and love and it spoke so much about appreciating each other and theres so much to "us" that i dont even realize. it'll be nice to think these things through and write them all out. also to read everyone elses! great idea, love!

Iva said...

................."there is nothing I would want more than for him to do what he loves, and to be recognized for it" ~Adele

*Just one example of why I like you so much

nicole addison said...

don't you just love those little moments when you know God is watching out for you. your story gave me goosebumps because i know exactly what you mean!

shelliebellie said...

oooh what a wonderful project! i'm in! (i'll have to come back to it later tonight but for now i have an award for you! on my page.

josie(bean) said...

hehe this was such a cute post! i too am blessed with a boyf that is almost complete opposite to me - he's a criminal justice major while i, like you, am pursuing a career in marketing/advertising. also, me and my other half are both super nerds but while the boy is more sci-fi and fantasy, im more of the "trendy" nerd who enjoys math and needs to wear big, dorky glasses :]

cant wait to hear more about your project, i love hearing and relating with cutesy couple stories :D

Abby Quijano said...

thats cute.. but i dont think i get to participate on this one XD

{quixotic.elizabeth} said...

hahahaha! Just looking at the contrasts between your books - - luxury packaging versus imperialism!! Hilarious.

Mrs. MidAtlantic said...

What a great idea! I will try to do something like this with on my site. Watch out, Hubby! I'll be raiding your stuff!

Nikolett said...

Ah, that's such an adorable idea! I found you through Iva who has plenty of amazing things to say about you, and she's right! Me and my significant other are also pursuing different academic fields -- me in English and Multimedia and him in History, so I know exactly how you feel (though, I suppose I know how Ian feels more)! Can't wait to see the next edition :)

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