Friday, 29 May 2009

working weekend

I'm officially locking myself in the library for the entire weekend.
at least I get to spend time with curianna on the rides to and fro from university.
ps: it's so nice out today! such a waste to be spending it cooped up in the library, but it must be done! it must!

with love and an eagerness for next week,




nicole addison said...

good luck!! don't go crazy locked up in the library :)

Iva said...

you will do amazing! :)

You are Adele for crying out loud! The maker of everything possible!! :) ohhh please dont stop posting though :( I'd miss you too much if you were gone for a week!!


becks said...

DON'T BLUUUUFFFF!!!! I bet you'll be on the internet half the time in the library. hahahaha. But you're how efficient? ;) DO IT. I can imagine you taking breaks by cycling ard uni. London, soon.

Ali said...

Try not to lose too much of your mind in there!

Cherish Stockdale said...

good luck, I hope you get everything you want to accpmplish DONE! Have fun learning :) Hope you will still post when you are on lock down

jasmine said...

hahaha! that picture! where are these awesome "i'm gonna die" pictures coming from? are you drawing them? i'll bet you are because you're so creative and fantastical.

stay in the library. finish your dissertation, and be done with it! good luck, dele!!!

Adele said...

I wish I did draw them! but sadly I'm zapped of all creative energy. haha. I really should remember where I get these pictures from though (: they are so depressing but amazing I love it!

thanks everyone I can't wait for next week!


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