Thursday, 21 May 2009

which type is he?

This totally made my day. I spent soo much time trying to fit Ian into one of these 9 categories. He's just waay too complicated to be classified. But if ever someone came up with an actual typology of boyfriends theory and gained recognition in the academic world for it, I'd definitely attempt at classifying Ian. Oh, and go ahead, see if you can fit your man into one of these 9 categories. It's tough!

Well, at least for now, I think Ian's an "old man grumpus" because when I skipped into his room and forced him to smile for a random picture..this is what I got.

But that's okay, I have enough happy in me to go around! (:

ps: just in case Ian reads this and thinks that I'm telling the whole world that he is a grouch.....I'm just kidding, hon. I know you just like exasperating me by doing the exact opposite of everything I tell you to do. It's okay, at least you give me random kisses throughout the day.

and for that you are forgiven.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

Haha. That's tougher than it seems at first...

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