Friday, 22 May 2009

wait for it....wait for it...yes, now! LAUGH!

I think one of the things that makes me really really..and i mean REALLY happy, is when Ian asks me to watch a movie with him (that I've watched before) ,and I sit in anticipation for the funny parts just so I can see and hear his reaction.

Is that weird? Eagerly anticipating his reaction to a comedic moment in a film that I've already watched, just so I can compare it to my initial reaction when I first watched it?

But he does have the best laugh. It's one of those infectious laughs, and it makes me strangely happy.
You cannot fend off the infectious laugh, and I guess I love him even more for giving me that.

Here's a picture (screenshot more like it) from our long-distance days. Oh, I swear during that year+long season it was like I was having a virtual relationship with a man who lived in my screen/mac.

I'm so glad we're finally in the same place, and that we actually can take photos TOGETHER, without me in a tiny 1cm by 1cm box at the bottom left.

I love you (:


jasmine said...

haha! i'm glad you guys can actually be in the same physical space now!

i love watching to see if levi likes the same parts of films that i love too. it's like even more evidence that we're meant to be. :)

Ivy Morgan said...

aww how sweet :)

Iva said...

you are so HILARIOUS!! Is that Skype? I heart Skype! You two must have so many amazing laughs together! I'm glad you got your man out of the screen :)

Reginasaurus said...

I love this post. I'm in a long distance relationship too and sometimes I feel like our whole relationship is through iChat. I'm so glad you both made it through that rough period and can now be in the same place together! Also, cute picture :)

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