Monday, 18 May 2009

update: ice-cream cravings

I did it!
I marched out and bought all the B&J flavours there were available from the nearby store.

Don't judge me! there were only 3 anyway.

and I bought phish food especially for Ian because I don't like chocolate ice-cream anyway.

so technically, I only got 2.

AND, my housemates are sharing.

phew, I think that's enough self-convincing for tonight.

*gasp. I have a brilliant beyond brilliant idea...ICE-CREAM FLOAT (or coke float)


I hear ice cream was invented in China.
Gotta love the Chinese!


Jasmine said...

yayyy! you totally needed the ice cream. it will make you more productive. my little video probably didn't help with the cravings. now i really want ice cream again too! i think i need to go get some more thrifty mint chip ice cream.

if you're ever in California, make sure you visit Rite Aid. it's a "drug store" so they have things like makeup, face wash, deodorant, over the counter meds, toilet paper, snacks, etc. buuuuuttt they used to be called Thrifty. Thrifty ice cream is THE best so when Thrifty sold all their stores to Rite Aid, it was on the condition that all the converted stores kept Thrifty ice cream. (so if you go to a newer Rite Aid, they won't have thrifty ice cream.) it's really nothing all that special, but everyone here loves it. and it's really cheap. a two scoop cone is only $1.69. i know for sure that they sell it in san francisco, but i'm not sure if they have any out of state.

not that you asked about any of this!! i guess i just got on a tangent! haha! it's always fun to try out local favorites when you're traveling though. :)

Adele said...

YES! it really was because of that video you made now that I think about it. haha oh min choc chop is my favourite even though people think it's weird..whatever!

HAHAA! thanks for all that information (: I'm sure it'll come in handy someday! we might MIGHT swing by california in december! i hope. if it's not too far off! haha thanks again (: xx

Emz said...

haha. I LOVE ice cream beyond words. Get the Dulce de Leche flavor from Haagen Dazs if you like sweetttt flavors. It's sooo delicious!

Ali said...

Totally justified!

[carrotspeak.] said...

Judge? Never. I'd have done worse. I'd have bought two of each. Ice cream is amazing. It fixes anything, and goes with any occasion. :)

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