Monday, 4 May 2009

a time before computers..

chatting with becks online today got me thinking..
why doesn't anybody write anymore? like pen to paper sort of writing? We've all grown accustomed to the convenience of the type-pads on our computers that we've traded in unique penmanship for times new roman, arial, or whichever in your font book you prefer.

I've kept journals since forever, a habit that began as a result of me documenting my walk with God. Though I must admit that lately, I've not been the most diligent in keeping up with it. It seems like my fingers have become stiff from the lack of practice.

Today, today I shall put pen (or maybe even pencil) to paper, and matter how easy it is to just open a word document and type.

as Ian always says: "old fashion is the best kind of fashion!"

sometimes it's good to go old school (:

I challenge you do the same.

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