Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a sneak peak.

here's a possible piece that'll be up for sale at the shop coming july:
ps: click to enlarge.

I DIYed it last night out of a late night adrenaline rush, which happens to be my favourite condition to work under. In my opinion, things come out so much better when unplanned.

I'm also finding all sorts of ways to feature my favourite piece of wall.
I think there's nothing better than being reminded to love every single morning, the way He first loved us.

and I would like to add that though my method of securing the piece of rope to the wall might be questionable, but my intent pure (:

skirt: pre-loved topshop orange bandage
studs: DIYed.
pearls: just a throw on because it's my new accessory staple

What do you think?
I welcome comments, suggestions and criticism with insane enthusiasm (:

have a great tuesday!

1 comment:

Winterkid said...

I absolutely love this.

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