Wednesday, 13 May 2009

rainy days

the highlight of my morning:

answering the door for Ian who walked all the way home from university in the rain, and then getting a sincere "I love you" and a few kisses to go with it.

There's something about rainy days that makes these little moments even more special. Maybe I'm just alot more mellow and sweeter on a cold and dreary day. Strange, very strange indeed.

Anyhow it's mid-week and I cannot think of anything better than snuggling in my fluffy bathrobe with a bowl of crunchy nut cereal while watching the final 3 perform on american idol. I like cheesy talent shows, I really do.

Before I go off and enjoy the rest of my rainy wednesday, I'll leave you with a picture of aramis when we first brought him home several months ago.

He's now fully vaccinated and almost twice as heavy. It's true, they grow up waay too fast! It's okay, I'm still very much in love with him.

1 comment:

nicole addison said...

how i love rainy days!
go check my blog, i gave you a little award!

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