Monday, 18 May 2009

purplelight in the valley

I'm finding it hard to sleep (again) so I wander over to Ians room only to find it empty together with the other 2 boys rooms downstairs. Then I hear some really loud conversation going on downstairs with spurts of laughter punctuating sentences.

So I make my way downstairs, slowly open the (heavy) fire door to the living room to see my 3 boy housemates sharing ice-cream (my B&Js) and some laughs. It's "BOY'S NIGHT", or so I'm told. They sit around sharing stories from their army days, reminiscing the times they spent covering up their bodily waste while in the jungle during outfield training. It's funny how much most of them resent the army experience, but once they've finished their time (all Singaporean boys have to serve 2 years of national service), all they can talk about with fellow the army.

I am baffled. Truely.
I guess nothing bonds boys together more than shared painful experiences.

I know I keep using the word "boys". But I'm proud to say that my Ian moved up from the "boy" to "man" category, precisely because of the army.

and if not for the army, he probably would have had a harder time going through this..

So I say, it's all about PERSPECTIVE (:

I leave you with the first verse of a classic marching song sung by millions of Singaporean soldiers:

Purple light, in the valley
there is where, i want to be...
Infantry, close companion
with my rifle and my buddy and me

It has a awesome tune if only I could hum it for the world to hear!

night, now (:


Jasmine said...

I really like that marching song. Is it weird to call it cute? :)

Adele said...

HAHA I really like it too! and i think it's adorable. except after the first starts to become a little bit PG15.. with hokkien (a dialect) swearing and all. ;)

meli-mello said...

The story of your Singapore boys made me laugh. My brother-in-law did his time in the Singapore Army before coming to Canada to study (& then meeting & marrying my sister etc etc) and he used to tell me crazy ghost stories about when he was in the army. In fact, I get him to re-tell them every time I see them.

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