Thursday, 14 May 2009

my new ride

So after searching the web and falling hard for the mint-white electra townie, I came back to reality and scoured ebay to find my cheaper alternative.

It might not be all that impressive, but I like the blue and the old-school quality to it, plus it fit nicely into my budget.
I'm guessing some pimping will do it good, say a pretty rattan basket lined with some printed cup-cake motif material I could get from the haberdashery.

And I'll name her before taking her out for a spin (:
Is it weird that I'm already looking forward to my next last-minute grocery run?

More photos once she gets here (:

I already know we are going to go everywhere together!

me and my baby blue monster (:


Jasmine said...

ooooo! that's so exciting that you'll have a new bike to prettify soon! i know you'll make it the cutest, most stylish bike on your block!

and i like the blue. you really can't go wrong with that shade of blue. you could always paint it though! my dad fixed up a rusty, old bike for me when i was a kid. the original color was an ugly brown. he got all the rust off & painted it a pretty sage green that we had leftover from painting a room i think.

nicole addison said...

oh i love it! i wish i had the drive to ride my bike everywhere, especially a cute one like that!

emily said...

i'm super jealous. i've had my eye out for a bike for a while. the blue is totally cute, no worries.

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