Tuesday, 12 May 2009

loving the bicycle like the dutch do

Ian and I have decided to embrace the cycling culture here in our little city.

Exeter makes it so easy and accessible for cyclists with marked paths all around the city, suggested cycling routes and even a cycling council.

I've fallen in love with these Electra townie bicycles that are so good for the eyes but really bad for my wallet. *helpless sigh*

But if I really had an extra 500 quid to spare, I'll go for this baby.
The mint and white combination is to die for!

and I think I'm in love.

wish me luck as I continue the hunt for the perfect bicycle.
these thighs really need a workout, and my lungs some fresh air.


becks said...

I second that. The rest are ugly in comparison to the mint one. And guess what..them britney spears tickets are here!!!!!!

min said...

they're all so pretty! and they're like the ultimate fashion accessory these days. haha!

Iva said...

they are all so perfect I wouldn't know which one to pick!!

Jasmine said...

the mint and white is gorgeous, but i think i'm in love with the yellow!

i hope you guys are able to get some bikes! we share a car because levi only ever rides his bike to work. they're so much fun!

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