Friday, 8 May 2009

it's friday!

Looking back at some photos from new years day 2009 got me thinking about the new year resolutions I made.
To be honest, I hardly remember any of them..which confirms that that session of resolution making was a bust.

Instead of making resolutions only once a year on a new-year-high, why not make daily resolutions?
That way you never will feel guilty for not sticking to them and you can make daily decisions on how you want your life to be like for the next 24 hours.

Some of my resolutions for today:
1. no coca cola

2. smile at a stranger
3. surprise Ian by doing his dishes
4. pray through my prayer list
5. talk to someone from home
6. Give one of my girlfriends a virtual hug via msn.

ahhh. you probably can't tell but I'm pretty stressed with work..I think making lists gives me false sense of organization and order, that's why I keep doing it!

ps: I really love this photo of sam (Ian's sister) and myself taken during this years new year party.
I like to think of myself as
the best funny face maker, though it might not really be true.
I practiced all the time with my dad as a kid while underwater at public swimming pools.
Think it paid off.

Here's my funny face for today.
I apologise in advance for scaring you, but you know they say the best funny faces are the ugly ones.

try flashing a funny face at someone today, or maybe take a picture of yourself so you can look back and laugh at it the next time you need a little pick-me-up.
Ian and I have the occasional funny face competition, and we always end up in stitches (:

have a great weekend!


Jasmine said...

yep. those are some spectacular funny faces! i loooove the daily resolutions idea. i resolve to do this...tomorrow. i'm feeling way to lazy to resolve to do anything today!

have a great weekend!

*z/mik said...

you better give me those virtual hugs sooooon haha

becks said...

One day when the wind blows, your face will get stuck! :P

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