Wednesday, 13 May 2009

the glare of the yellow M

So, it's 1.20am here and instead of going to bed all I can think about is a big breakfast from Mcdonalds. I swear the craving is eating me alive!

I remember those good old days (back home) when I would call in Mcdonalds delivery for breakfast on a Saturday morning, and I never felt happier.

I treat all food delivery people will respect, because they always make my day!
Now if only there were some hot cakes or something that I could get my hands on at this hour..


Jasmine said...

mcdonald's must put crack in their food because once i get it in my head that i want some, i can't rest until i have it. i wish you could get satisfy your craving right now!

and i love colorful kitchenware too. i can't WAIT til i get my hands on a shiny, yellow kitchenaid standup mixer. ohhhh. they're so pretty! when we move (soon hopefully), i'm going to do our new kitchen in navy and lemon yellow (yellow is obviously one of my favorites). i can't wait!!

and i really can't wait for my surprise in the mail!!! yippeee!

becks said...

I think navy and lemon yellow will make such a rad combination. SUPER CHEERY! I think you'll probably stay in your kitchen baking all day long!

becks said...

The best part of Macs is the garlic chilli sauce (only in Singapore)! I have ten packets of those with a huge packet of fries. Those fries are magical. No one does fries as well as Macs.

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