Monday, 11 May 2009

feet are important

feet are important things because they bring you places.
feet are lovely because they look dashing in a pair of pretty shoes.
feet balance out your hands, so they don't look too weird.

I like feet very much, especially Ians. because they are now healthy again to take him out. and he can finally wear that pair of pale pink, patent and pointy baroques I bought him for his birthday! (even though he didn't want to wear them today)

check out the alliteration in those adjectives. isn't it fun when things like that happen organically? it's like word magic.

It looks like it's going to be a good day! I've had an awesome morning so far.

Today, we took a nice slow stroll to university together.

witnessed several ducks waddling uniformly across the grass.

managed to take a picture of our own shadows.

sat on the grass for abit before Ian began a little flower arrangement in my sandles

while I took a picture of his cool scar

and now we cannot remember why we had that little tiff yesterday to begin with.

Have a great day everyone! (:
I'm as happy as a bird with a french fry today!


Sam said...

Can you like, not give me unnecessary heart attacks anymore, Delly?! I don't appreciate em!! >(

But nevertheless, glad things are happy wappy and you with the fry, keep smiling :)

becks said...

Awww.. are you having loadsa fun with your camera! and i like the cute lil flowers.. they are called daisies are they?

becks said...

And isnt it funny how I dreamt about the flats last night and you are wearing flats with cuffs around the ankle!

Jasmine said...

Well you certainly sound happy! It sounds like you two had such a nice & pretty walk. Loved your happy word magic! Word magic's the are french fries.

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