Wednesday, 13 May 2009

cupcake shenanigans

I've always had a thing for confectionery, as you can tell from this picture of me eating my birthday cake in kindergarten. Yes, I had very little hair for a girl of 5 , and look at how the boy beside me is staring. He looks scared. I would be too if I were him.

Anyway, guess what came in the mail today? I love signing for parcels, but what I love even more is getting belated birthday presents (: My heart literally skipped a beat when I received a gift in the mail from my friend, beckaroo becks.

Hail the mother of all cook books!
Here's why this is the perfect gift..

1. I've had an ongoing love affair with cupcakes for awhile now.
2. Every single time I'm in London and want to try one of them famous hummingbird cupcakes, the queue just puts me off
3. I now have all sorts of excuses to use my hand-held mixer and other baking tools (I love cookware, especially colourful ones).
4. There are recipes for all sorts of treats inside this little gem of a book!

I'm drooling already.

Becks sent me a photo of herself with the book a few days ago, and now I'm proud to return the favour. I know I look alot less graceful as compared to becks, but I'm channeling my inner cupcake ninja.

Can't wait to start on a series of cupcake making adventures!

It'll be a blast. (:

Thank you soo much becks! I owe you a red velvet one if you ever come visit!


Iva said...

Hey Adele! I have something over on my blog for you :0)

becks said...

Adele your outfit is damn awesome la. check out the bandit eyes man.. ready to whip up a storm! hahahaha.. send the picture to my email! :)

becks said...

oh.. anyway i want a green tea one instead! hoho.

CAPow said...

I love that little ring! So cute!

Jasmine said...

ohhh! that ring is so sweet! and that cookbook looks amazing. i'm sure you'll do justice to all the tasty treats inside. belated birthday gifts are the best!!

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