Wednesday, 27 May 2009

blog twittering

I'm on to my second green tea as planned, but it feels like this load of work is never going to end! Okay, sorry for the dramatic picture. It just encapsulates all that I'm thinking/feeling right now.

I think the one thing motivating me is the fact that I get to share a before bedtime talk with Ian later tonight. Last night we talked till about 3am before falling asleep. That's probably the best way to drift off to sleep. As much as I appreciate that Ian and I share different beds, it's nice to have an arm to fall asleep on once in awhile (:

If only I weren't so technologically challenged, I'd be twittering away these random thoughts right now.

okay, back to work.

and I just want to also say a beeg HELLOO to all you readers (: I smile everytime I get one of your comments. I even mentioned to Ian last night about how there are so many amazing people in the blogging world (:

Thank you all, I love you!


Ali said...

I often feel the way that guy in your picture does. Too often! :)

jasmine said...

hahah! that picture is amazing. i just showed it levi, and we laughed over it. i feel like that often too.

i hope you were able to finish the chunk of dissertation you set out to do!

Reginasaurus said...

I love that picture! So funny.

Carrie said...

Haha. I love the picture!

And don't think you're the only one lost when it comes to Twitter. I've just started it and I don't understand it at all. Lol.


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