Saturday, 26 April 2008

dad's been scanning childhood pictures of abrie and me into the family computer, in preparation for abrie's upcoming wedding I suppose. And maybe mine in the future. God, please don't let any awful pictures find it's way into the wedding video montage..especially those of the awkward teenage years. Nobody likes to be reminded of their years spent as a gangly teenager with braces.

I found this picture in the folder entitled "Adele's life story", and it brought back nostalgic memories of Amberville, carebears and the torn lip. Oh how I loved my cheong sam (:

Friday, 25 April 2008

My life is in your hands
My heart is in your keeping
I'm never without hope
Not when my future is with you

My life is your hands
and though i may not see clearly
I will lift my voice and sing
cos your love does amazing things

Lord I know, my life is in your hands

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I sit here at 244am on a thursday morning, blots of superglue stuck on several fingertips and with a floor shrewn with pieces of scrap cloth that I rummaged the mother's sewing room for. (: All for my friend of over a decade, ex-neighbour/schoolmate/part-time housemate and full time shopping partner. So my dear sophie, I present to you your belated christmas gift for 2007 that I promised you (: I would ship it to you if I could, but unfortunately I cannot bear the thought of anything dropping off or breaking while in cargo! So you'll get it when you come back in july.

Here are the pictures, taken at all the possible angles for you to admire the detail (:

lotsa love (:

ps: deb, your birthday present is of shippable quality. it's on its way!
and in case you feel left out, minymin: i wuv you too.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

I cannot sleep. Jet lag NEVER (or rather hardly)happens to me. It could be the sheer excitement of having my 3rd driving lesson tml, or rather the rare (but damn shiok) 4hours or so sleep that I managed to get on the plane back. Either way, because my mind isn't really functioning properly at this very moment, I get the prerogative to blog a very frivolous but yet fabulous blog entry.

I hate the whole narrative bit of the show, especially the bimbotic "XOXO, gossip girl" line. But I still gawk and drool over most of the delicious outfits that these uberwealthy fictional highschool kids swim in. (I must remember that they are indeed fictional, lest I start referring to them by their screen names because Ian always reminds me not to talk about drama-serial characters as if they actually exist)

Anyway I'm really happy that new episodes are finally air-ing so bless those gossip-girl fanatics who painstakingly upload episodes online for the rest of the world to watch!

Grey's is back as well, with intestines hanging out of man's gut as one of the opening scenes. Awesome I tell you, awesome! (:

alright, my body is shutting down now.
goodnight world.

Monday, 21 April 2008

at a standstill

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

recycling at it's best.

Ian's cop-ing all the tags off my new clothes to add to his collection of recycled bookmarks.

"hmmmm...H&M's one not good", says Ian.

(: I don't know but that made me crack up.

Meet my wellies from bath. They are pretty as they are functional, but I'm afraid wet wet england will eventually destroy them. We'll see in September. Ian gloats because I'll be graduating alongside him, just with a masters.

I'm proud to announce that my partner (I'm trying this less juvenile way of referring to Ian- boyfriend is starting to sound a tad juvenile) is now a proud owner of a pair of patent shoes. They might just be his coolest pair of shoes to date, and for a mere 4.50 quid. Seriously, four freakin' fifty quid. UK Topshop can be such a doll in sale season.

They might be black, but it's a good start. The colours will come soon enough.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A very brief photo summary.


Bath.fudge.roman baths

Heathrow terminal 5.2 hour delay.BA



Barcelona.Segrada Familia

London.Apollo. KT TUNSTALL

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